Collection: Honapi - Beekeeper's honey - Honey from Moselle, Lorraine - Honey Origin France and Luxembourg

Honapi - Honey from the beekeeper harvesting 🍯🐝

The Vigneron's family, owner of Rucher Famille Vigneron, offers you its quality, local and terroir honeys. We harvest our honey from our apiaries located in France and Luxembourg.

Moselle honey and Lorraine honey 🇫🇷

Moselle Spring Honey offers you an authentic taste of spring. Harvested by professionals and produced by Honapi, this creamy honey offers you a rich and characteristic flavor of the Lorraine region, directly from local production. Treat yourself to traditional authenticity with this honey from the Moselle beekeeper!

Honey from Luxembourg - Lëtzebuerger hunneg 🇱🇺

Taste summer with this organic Luxembourgish honey from beekeeper Honapi produced in Remich! Our Carnica bees harvest honey in the Luxembourgish, family tradition and from our bee farm to make it unique and sweet. A real little gem, as only our beekeepers know how to make! Enjoy the taste of Luxembourg in a 500g jar.