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Honapi - Rucher Famille Vigneron

Taste the Spring: Unpasteurized Honeycomb Honey from Elange, Moselle, France

Taste the Spring: Unpasteurized Honeycomb Honey from Elange, Moselle, France

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Honeycomb Honey from Moselle, France

Discover our delicious honeycomb honey harvested in France, from our hives located in Moselle.

Naturally obtained by our bees, this honey will bring you all the benefits of nature in a practical 150g format. Savor the richness of our terroir thanks to our top quality honey.

Harvested in France, in Moselle, in the town of Elange

  • Spring honey
  • Raw honey, in its honeycomb
  • Exceptional purity
  • Honey harvested in France - Thionville, Moselle, Grand Est

Honapi spring honey was harvested in May 2024 on the Elange estate and farm. We extracted our honey before the summer season to provide you with a spring floral honey. This honey is now available for sale.

Honey harvested and made in France - Thionville, Moselle, Grand Est

Discover Honapi brand French honey made by the Vigneron beekeeping family. Honey from Moselle and Lorraine harvested in Lorraine by the beekeeper and jarred at the apiary in Hettange-Grande.

Sweet and fragrant, Honapi honey from France is made in a traditional way and packaged in a glass jar for better honey conservation. The Vigneron family works in compliance with standards while preserving the well-being of bees. We only collect the surplus honey present in the supers during the summer season. The hive body is preserved for wintering.


Cold extraction without pasteurization or filtration from capped frames to keep and ensure its humidity level. The honey is pure, guaranteed unpasteurized and unheated.

Ingredients: 100% honey

Use: White cheese, toast, pastries, herbal tea or coffee.


It was indeed made from all varieties of flowers from Moselle, France, in the village of Thionville Elange. The apiary is located on a farm in this small village to ensure the well-being of our bees.

Honey is a natural product whose texture can change over time. This natural phenomenon called crystallization does not alter the quality of the honey in any way. The honey is extracted from the honeycomb and has not undergone any post-harvest treatment. This is why it may start to form small crystals after a while.

The time before this crystallization starts depends essentially on the nectars that compose it as well as the storage temperatures.

The appearance of crystals is a natural phenomenon and does not alter either its quality or its taste. It can be made liquid by gently heating the jar in a double boiler at less than 40°C.

Additional Information:

  • Producer: Famille Vigneron
  • Website:
  • Location: Hettange-Grande, France
  • Honey Type: Spring honey
  • Extraction Method: Cold extraction, unpasteurized, unfiltered
  • Ingredients: 100% honey
  • Uses: White cheese, toast, pastries, herbal tea or coffee
  • Crystallization: Natural process, does not affect quality or taste. Can be liquefied by heating gently in a double boiler at less than 40°C.
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