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Honapi Luxembourg - Rucher Famille Vigneron

Organic & Creamy Luxembourg Honey - Bio Lëtzebuerger hunneg - Remich (500g) - Summer honey

Organic & Creamy Luxembourg Honey - Bio Lëtzebuerger hunneg - Remich (500g) - Summer honey

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Luxembourgish Organic honey - Lëtzebuerger hunneg - creamy bio honey from Luxembourg, Remich , summer 2023

Organic honey harvested in Luxembourg - Remich, Moselle, Luxembourg

Honapi Luxembourg is producing a summer honey from the Mosel Valley. Our hives are located in the green area and a land of our partner co-labor. The mirabelle plum orchard is a perfect environment for our bees. During the summer season, the  honey was harvested and extracted to produce an organic honey.

Creamy Honey and bio honey from Luxembourg - Remich

Creamy Luxembourg honey is a delicious natural product produced in Luxembourg. Our creamy honey is coming from the scheierbierg. It is characterized by its smooth, creamy consistency and rich flavor.

The luxembourgish customers have a preference for the creamy honey and their texture.

The creamy Luxembourg honey is characterized by its particularly soft texture that melts gently on the tongue. It has a light to golden color and a delicate floral taste with light caramel notes.

Its creamy consistency makes it easy to spread on bread, toast, crackers or in tea and yogurt, adding a natural sweetener to foods

Honey made in Luxembourg - Remich

Discover our honey, Lëtzebuerger hunneg, from Remich produced by the Vigneron's family. We are using traditional material to extract and harvest our honey.
We are following the process and requirement from organisation and Miel - Marque Nationale du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
honey does not contain any residues, inhibins or prolines, as well. It is a flower honey made from a mixture of white clover, fruit trees, greater bird's foot trefoil, melilot, dandelion and meadowsweet pollen.

Its texture is hard and must not be runny. It is an entirely homogenous honey, completely pure and aromatic. Following the maturation and crystallization, it is available for buying in 500 grams jars.

This tasty honey can be eaten as it is, used as a sweetener or as an ingredient in a variety of dessert

Organic honey and bio from Luxembourg - Remich

This certified organic honey by Honapi comes from flowers of the Mosel Valley. We are following the requirement from european organic beekeeping regulation. The organization - LU-BIO-05 - is doing our control and  certification.

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