Honapi - Apiary - Bee farm - Beekeeper in Luxembourg and Lorraine

Located in the heart of the three borders - Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium - our apiary is located in France / Moselle in the Lorraine region and in Luxembourg . Thanks to our 4 herds, our honey has a floral richness and we offer local honey from our hives.

We are happy to welcome you to one of our sites to help you discover our passion for honey, beekeeping and meet our bees from Luxembourg and France

We produce an honey from lorraine, an honey from moselle and an honey from Luxembourg. 

In France, our hives are located in small villages: Hettange-Grande, Ottange and Elange.

In Luxembourg, our hives are installed in Remich, close to the moselle river and vineyard 

Our hives in Moselle

Bee farm - Apiary of Thionville Elange

Located in the village of élange, our bees are enjoying the fields and flowers close to our beekeeping farm. We currently have 5 Dadant hives in production since 2022 on this site. Ideally placed in the middle of the acacias, our honey has a translucent yellow color. It is a liquid honey that occurs in the summer season - June/July.

Discover our honeys from Elange

Bee farm - Apiary of Ottange

Former Ottange mine and painter's studio, the Gabin Bussaglia family has adopted Honapi hives. The Gabin apiary was created in 2023 with the installation of 8 hives. We can't wait to discover this nectar and the new honey from our ottange's hives - "Au bon miel de Gabin"

Discover the honeys of Ottange

Bee farm - Apiary of Hettange

In order to develop our knowledge and skills as beekeepers, we are members of the ammonite apiary association - "Rucher des ammonites". This is an opportunity to train ourselves and benefit from the advice and tips of professional and seasoned beekeepers.

We have 2 hives arranged within the apiary-school and the association - The apiary of ammonites. At the end of our training (2024), we will incorporate our hives into one of our apiaries.

Discover our Hettange honeys

Our hives in Luxembourg

Bee farm - Apiary of Remich

Located in a green zone, the co-labor's orchard has mirabelle plum. We have installed 4 hives in Remich and we are producing an organic honey. The orchard is close to the vineyard and the Moselle river. It's a perfect spot for our bees! The luxembourgish honey will be produced during spring and summer.

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