Rent an hive in Luxembourg- sponsor a beehive

Rent a hive - Beehive Rental

Beehive Rental & Management in Luxembourg

Honapi is an Luxembourg based bees and beehive company specialising in the annual rental of fully managed hives to clients with gardens as well as lifestyle blocks and rural land. We operate in Luxembourg-City, Kirchberg,  Mosel Valley, and Lorraine (France). You can consult us if you're looking for an hive in Kirchberg, Limpersberg or Gasperich. Our hive service is also available for companies in north and south of Luxembourg.

Adopt a Hive 

Looking for a sustainable and environmental action for your company? Incorporate the adoption of bees and hive in your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR/RSE) program. Contact us to subscribe and sponsor our hives.


Beekeeping Tuition and workshop

We provide a hands on teaching environment for our customers. You can be as involved in your hive and bees as you want. We love bees. Our bees are amazing. We want you to see it too. We carry protective suits for all the members of your company.

Agissez pour préserver et restaurer la biodiversité !

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1 - Beehive rental and management in Luxembourg

A professional team of beekeepers installs hives within your company and ensures the follow-up and the regular animation. The installation of the hives is done on the ground of your company or on the green space of your municipality. Our team takes care of all the management of your hives and provides care for the bees.

From the installation of the hive to the delivery of your honey, we take care of everything. Turnkey solution for the management of your bees, your hives and your honey.

Ruche et miel de Luxembourg - rucher et verger de Remich

Beehive management

  • Administrative and legal formalities
  • Installation of hives
  • Visit of hives by the beekeeper
  • Bee control
  • Honey harvest
  • Honey potting
  • Personalization of jars
  • Analysis of honey
  • Care and feeding of bees during wintering
  • Workshop upon request

2 - Installation of hives on the roof of your company in Luxembourg

Your company agrees to host several hives over a period of one year on the roof of your company. By sponsoring a hive, you contribute to the preservation of honeybees.

A Roof For The Bees

Become eco-responsible and offer a roof for bees. Contrary to popular belief, urban beekeeping is appreciated by bees. Bees like honey bees, plant species that are very present in the city. Plants found in town are treated less with pesticides, resulting in better reproduction. The taste of honey is no different, pollution does not seem to have any adverse effect on the quality of production. These are observations made by professional beekeepers based in cities such as Paris or New York. .