Lancement de notre rucher Honapi Luxembourg, famille vigneron,  au luxembourg en partenariat avec

Co-labor partners with Honapi for their beehive management. x logo

We are thrilled to announce the partnerhsip with  co-labor  for the beehives management. Our collaboration will enable us to produce an organic honey from Luxembourg. Co-labor has decided to externalize the beekeeping management and rent beehives. Co-labor trusts the expertise of Vigneron's family. Geoffroy Vigneron will manage their bees and product their honey. This is the beginning of a new journey for Honapi with the launch of the apiary in Luxembourg.

Rent a beehive in Luxembourg and produce a local honey

Co-labor promotes the organic honey made in Luxembourg. The honey from co-labor is produced in Remich from their own land. This is ensuring the tracibility of the honey, from the land to your table. 🍯

Our bees and hives are located in Remich, Luxembourg closed to the Moselle river. It's part of a green zone defined by the Luxembourg's ministry. The bees are part of an orchard with local fruit: Mirabelle plum and close to a vineyard. It's the perfect spot for bees! 🐝🐝


Collaboration with Glodé Apiculture

Honapi collaborates with local luxemburgish beekeepers to develop an organic beekeeping. Mr Glodé help us to start our apiary by providing 4 Carnica's colonies. We are happy to work hand in hand with local beekeepers to save the bees and 

Honapi - Apiculteur Glodé - Famille Vigneron - Rucher Luxembourg partenariat co-labor

Apiculture Glodé


From Eschdorf to Remich, our carnica's bees travelled from the north to the south of Luxembourg. We viewed fantastic landscapes during our trip.

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